Inspection Services

After any major disaster, an inspection is critical to understand the extent of any damage.

Residential and Commercial Inspection Services

After any major disaster, the most important thing to do is to schedule an inspection. There is no way to know the extent of any damage without a proper and thorough examination. When you need inspection services in Coral Gables, FL, contact Azure Restoration of South Florida. We provide high quality property insurance inspections designed to meet the specific needs of each insurance company and agent we represent. Our proprietary software application allows our partners to order, track and receive their reports electronically through a secure, mobile friendly web application. Call us at 305-298-8647 when you need a residential or commercial inspection completed.

Data, Analytics, and Metrics

Our company understands the importance of quality data to assist with your analytics and metrics needs. Our secure web application provides a simple, intuitive interface for viewing data in a way that is useful for you. We offer customized reports as well, because we know that not all companies and homes have the same needs. Furthermore, we provide you with direct access to your data. You may query the data directly from our server, or we can migrate the data to your systems. Our current technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with any technology you use, including IMAGERIGHT©.

Inspection Services

All of our inspections are completed and reviewed by licensed insurance adjusters and/or licensed real estate inspectors. We offer multiple levels of reporting with regards to insurance inspections. The levels vary in price point, but not in quality. We will work closely with your insurance carrier to ensure all work conducted adheres to your specific policy guidelines.

Basic Inspection Services Include

Do not let the term basic deceive you. A basic inspection is still very thorough and when completed by us would look something like this:

  • High quality roof photographs
  • Photographs of appurtenant structures
  • Description of current conditions for each structure
  • Identification and assessment of risks associated with the property
  • Interview notes from the homeowner or business owner
  • Living area / footprint diagram

Intermediate Inspection Services Include

There is not much difference between a basic and an intermediate inspection. The intermediate inspection is still just as comprehensive as the basic inspection. The only difference is that with the intermediate package, we will provide photos of your interior property.

  • All of the items in the Basic Inspection package
  • High quality interior photographs

Custom Inspection Services Include

We conduct a wide variety of field services for insurance companies, including inspections. The depth of inspections is defined by the parameters set by our client companies.

Field Adjusting Services

We offer field adjusting services throughout the United States and Canada. Contact us today at 305-298-8647 to learn more.

Our team offers a variety of inspection services to match your needs and budget.

Call Us Today for Reliable Inspection Services

All information pertaining to each inspection is stored in an online database and is accessible via our powerful, yet easy-to-use web application. Custom reports are built to satisfy the specific needs of each carrier. The reports may be printed directly from the system in Word, Excel or PDF file formats. Simply provide us with your metrics, then we will gather the data and display the results in printable reports, as well as a custom dashboard featuring charts and graphs formatted to your specifications. All of this is included in each package, however, charges may apply for more complex reports that require significant changes to the data model.

Contact us today and see the difference the professionals at Azure Restoration of South Florida can make for your home or company. We will provide the reliable and quality services you have come to expect. Reach out to us at 305-298-8647 to schedule an appointment for inspection services for your Coral Gables, FL property.