Fire Damage Cleanup

Don't be overwhelmed by fire damage. Our team can quickly clean and restore your home or office.

Damage and Disaster Services

A fire can occur in your home or business for any reason and the aftermath can seem daunting. Trying to figure out where to begin with cleanup, restoration, and possible reconstruction. Dealing with fire damage does not have to be difficult when you work with Azure Restoration of South Florida. With years of experience, we are the leading restoration company in your area. Not only do we work with all major insurance providers, but we are the only restoration company that provides complete comprehensive services. Call our number today, 305-298-8647, to discuss fire damage cleanup in Coral Gables, FL.

Fire Damage Cleanup Services

Fire damage is all-consuming and neither residential or commercial properties are immune from the damages. If your home or office has been affected by fire damage Azure Restoration of South Florida can help. We are an experienced team of professional contractors in your area. Our company is the only one in our community that provides comprehensive fire damage cleanup in the Coral Gables, FL area. We provide cleanup and restoration services such as:

  • Soot & Smoke Residue Cleanup After a fire, smoke and soot can linger creating serious health hazards in both residential and commercial properties.
  • Commercial/Residential Fire Restoration We provide all services for both commercial and residential needs.
  • Inspection Services With several options to choose from, we work with you to complete inspections of your home or office without breaking the bank.
  • Home Content Cleaning Our team can clean and restore fired damaged items. We don’t send them out to another company, we do it ourselves.

Your home or business is in safe hands with Azure Restoration of South Florida. We handle all jobs with precision, care, and security. Let our team help to restore your residential or commercial property after fire damage.

Our Process

When you work with us for fire damage cleanup services, you can be sure you are working with the best. We are the only team that can call ourselves a full-service restoration company. That is because we do not outsource to other companies for services like content cleaning or construction. We are skilled and able to complete these jobs ourselves. We also provide and complete detailed reports for your files.

  • Inspection: As soon as we arrive at your home or office, our team begins an inspection. We do this to determine the extent of the damage and how thick the smoke/soot is.
  • Content Removal: After the inspection, we begin removing any left over content in the space. This could be furniture, carpeting, furnishings, and more.
  • Soot & Smoke Removal: With everything out of the room, we begin to remove any soot or smoke residue.
  • Content cleaning: In either your home of office, we will clean and restore any contents that were damaged by the fire or smoke.
  • Restoration: The final step in our process is to begin restoration. We will go through to correct anything in the damaged space and get it back to a functioning condition.

We provide an extensive and thorough cleanup process, because we know how valuable the items are in your home or office. There are certain things that cannot be replaced sentimental or other reasons. Because of that, we work hard to complete jobs efficiently, thoroughly, and accurately.  We also work with all major insurance carriers. We provide in-depth and detailed reports for insurance claims and documentation purposes. In doing this, we are able to provide as effortless of an experience as possible for our clients.

We can help restore your home or office after fire damage.

Rely on Our Team for Immediate and Emergency Fire Damage Restoration Services

Your home, office, and business are as important to you as they are to us. We understand the investment many of our clients have put into their properties. So when fire causes significant damage, we know that we are the best team you’ll need for cleanup and restoration. At Azure Restoration of South Florida, we specialize in all kinds of disaster cleanup and restoration, including fire damage cleanup. Find out why so many clients rely on us when they need fire damage cleanup for their Coral Gables, FL properties. Call us today at 305-298-8647 to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.