Construction and Demolition Cleanup

We're available 24/7 for any cleanup needs you may have.

Construction and Demolition Services

If your home or office has been hit with a major disaster and needs to be gutted, rely on the best team in your area. Even if you are just remodeling after fire or flooding, rely on one of the best rated restoration companies in south Florida. Azure Restoration of South Florida has years of experience and a licensed team to efficiently and quickly clean any site. For residential and commercial construction and demolition cleanup in Coral Gables, FL, rely on us. Call our office today, 305-298-8647, to schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Cleanup Services

Sometimes during and even after construction, most sites are not cleaned up by the crew. That is often left to another group. Whether you are building a new home or your commercial property has been demolished for other reasons, rely on Azure Restoration of South Florida for construction and demolition cleanup in Coral Gables, FL.

We provide our services for both residential and commercial properties, so whatever your needs are, we can meet them. Our team will come in to remove debris and more, cleaning things like:

  • Shingles
  • Trash removal
  • Garage demolition/tear-down
  • Commercial remodeling
  • Insurance claim work
  • Water/fire damaged items

Whatever you need, we will provide the tools and means to remove and clean your residential or commercial site. We do not recommend attempting to remove anything on your own. Doing so could increase the risk of injury and damaging any existing structure. Instead, rely on our team of experienced contractors to easily and efficiently remove just about anything from a construction or demolition site. You can speak with anyone from our office at 305-298-8647 if you want to schedule an appointment for cleanup.

We can quickly remove any trash, debris, or materials from a residential or commercial construction site.

Call us Today at 305-298-8647 for Construction & Demolition Cleanup

When you need reliable cleanup of construction or demolition sites, look no further than Azure Restoration of South Florida. We are one of the highest rated restoration companies in our area. Our team has a proven and thorough cleanup process that will save you time, money, and  hassle. Let us get started today. Call us at 305-298-8647 to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment today.