What is Water Damage Restoration Service?

Flood Restoration is Necessary for Many Properties Affected by Storms

How Much Does it Cost for Water Damage Restoration?

According to the national average, it costs approximately $2,700 for water damage restoration. This cost includes clean or gray water removal, with regard to the drying and decontamination of a 700 sq. ft. basement. Why is the cost so high? While water is a very important part of life, it can create an incredible amount of damage. If water has flooded your home, the sooner you act, the more you will be able to save. The source of the water could be through a burst pipe or gaps in a tile shower. Whatever the source, it is recommended that homeowners mitigate the damage as soon as possible.

What Does Water Restoration Mean?

Water damage restoration is an exhaustive process that encompasses the complete process of removing water from all property structures. This includes the removal of water, drying all items and structures, and placing all the removed objects back in place. Another term for water restoration is water remediation. During this process, professionals will use specially designed materials to remove large amounts of water. Commercial-grade dehumidifiers and high-velocity air movers may be used during water restoration.

What is Water Damage Restoration Service?

Water damage restoration service is a crucial service for when your home becomes unexpectedly affected by water damage. For instance, if you have a burst pipe, but have not diagnosed it for many days or a month, the water damage that you can experience can be detrimental for the health of your home. When the experts are called in for water damage restoration service, they will implement an extremely streamlined process. As a water damage company, they will provide on-site evaluation and work directly with your insurance company to help provide coverage.

How Much Does Home Restoration Cost?

When it comes to restoring your home, you can expect a large price tag. As previously mentioned, simply drying out a home from a clean water leak can cost around $2,700. This is a small sum when it comes to restoring those surfaces to their former glory. Repairing the damage done to areas like drywall and carpeting is around $7,500. Insurance coverage can go a long way to helping to mediate such costs. Each home system needs to operate as part of complete home restoration. For your air conditioning service in Zephyrhills, FL, it’s important to choose an HVAC company that is both affordable and fair.

How Long is Water Restoration?

When it comes to dealing with water damage, the most critical component is time. When water damage occurs within minutes, carpets can get stained and all paper goods can bulge and become distorted. When water is allowed to sit for one to twenty-four hours, the drywall will begin to bulge and break. Furniture will swell and crack, and metal surfaces become tarnished., If the water damage lasts longer than a week, mold and mildew growth will spawn and become a serious health hazard. As previously stipulated, the sooner that homeowners receive treatment for their water damage, the more home elements can be saved.

What is Flood Restoration?

When it comes to your flood restoration in Coral Gables, FL, it pays to know as much as possible about how it is defined. Flood restoration is defined as water damage cleaning that starts with assessing the overall water damage and removing all water and moisture from the property. Water extraction, or removal, is accomplished through the use of commercial-grade dehumidifiers, and high-velocity air movers. With flood restoration, the water that exists outside has moved inside. Flood water is considered contaminated, which means that all areas will need to be sanitized in addition to structural drying. 

Flood Restoration is Necessary for This Bathroom

Flood Restoration Near Me

In order to find a good source of flood restoration, homeowners are encouraged to ask a friend or neighbor or perform an exhaustive google search. Because time is such an important consideration, it’s best to have a good company already researched when circumstances arise where a flood is considered to occur. 

Flood Restoration Certification

The IICRC, also known as the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, is a non-profit organization that is a recognized certifying body for the cleaning and restoration industry. This school is like many other schools that have a high degree of attention to detail with regard to water restoration. It is important for homeowners to review the credentials of their water restoration company in order to ensure proper technique.

Flood Restoration Process

It bears mentioning the flood restoration process. Please review the following bullet points to learn more!

  • Inspection. Inspection is the first part of the process. Each inspection will determine the individual level and category of the water damage in order to ensure that all the water damage is alleviated.
  • Category 1: This category involves damage from a clean water source. Clean water sources include toilet tanks, broken clean water pipes, and more. Category 1 can quickly involve into Category 2 or 3 without proper mitigation.
  • Category 2: Category 2 involves damage from “grey water”. Grey water is defined as water coming from a dishwasher or washing machine that involves detergents.
  • Category 3: This category involves any water coming from an unsanitary source. Water from an unsanitary source will grow bacteria and other microbes. 

Are you in need of flood restoration? Our friendly operators at Azure Restoration of South Florida are available now at 305-298-8647 to schedule your flood restoration in Coral Gables, FL.

What Is Fire Damage Restoration?

A Burned TV in a Bedroom.

What Do Fire Restoration Companies Do?

Every single day a home or business is harmed by a fire. Because of how common it is, its so important to get professional help after the fact. Has your home or business been devastated by a fire? If so, then you will need to call a damage restoration company for fire damage restoration. A lot of people ask, “What is fire damage restoration? This type of service is the process of removing, cleaning, and restoring a home or business after it has been damaged by a fire. When you contact a damage restoration company, they are able to assess the damage that the fire, as well as smoke, has caused and come up with a step by step solution to restoring the property as it once was. Attempting to clean and restore your property as it once was is not advisable, as it can be extremely dangerous handling materials that have smoke residue on them. Many people ask, “Is the smell of smoke after a fire harmful?” and the answer is yes. Touching or breathing in the chemicals that smoke residue leaves can be bad for your health. A restoration technician has the necessary equipment and safety gear to clean and restore fire damaged homes and businesses without getting hurt. Letting a professional technician take care of the fire restoration process ensures it is done correctly and that no one’s safety is compromised.

What Do You Do After a Fire?

When your home or business has been severely damaged by a fire, there are certain steps you need to take in order to get the help that you need. The first thing you will want to do is call your insurance company. You will want to file a claim in order to cover the cost of restoration and cleaning services. Next you will want to get in touch with a restoration company that can perform fire damage restoration service. After that, you will want to ask the Fire Department if you can go in your home or business to save any items that haven’t been damaged. Your insurance company will need proof of what is and isn’t damaged. Then you will want to let your utility providers that there was a fire, so they can put billing on hold. You will also want to let the police know that your home or business has been damaged by a fire and that no one will be there, just in case someone tries to break in. Lastly, you need to find a safe place to stay or work. Cooperating with your insurance company will make this overwhelming experience a little better, as they can make sure you get the coverage you need.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

When it comes to the fire restoration process, there are many questions that people ask that include, “How do you clean up smoke damage after a fire?” or “How do you clean up fire soot?” Knowing what the fire restoration entails might be able to give people a clearer picture of what takes place during this process.

  • Professional Assessment: When you call a restoration company, they will come to your home or business and assess the extent of the damage. When they know how extensive the damage is, they can formulate a plan that is specific to your needs.
  • Board-Up: If there are areas that are exposed to outside elements, they can tarp or board them up.
  • Water Removal: If there is water in the property from when the fire was extinguished, then they will remove water from every area that has been affected and dry those areas.
  • Remove Items: Any furniture, electronics, clothes, or items that have not been damaged in the fire will be removed from the property and placed in a storage facility until the restoration process is over.
  • Smoke and Soot Removal: Using specialty tools and equipment, soot and smoke can be removed from walls, ceilings, floors, and other areas.
  • Clean Up: Items and other areas that have not been completely destroyed will be sanitized and deodorized to clean them and remove any odors.
  • Fire Restoration: This part of the process can include repairs, replacements, or reconstruction of drywall, new floors, or painting.

Fire Damage and Restoration

People Performing Fire Damage Restoration.

Fire Restoration Water Damage Restoration

Not only can the items and surfaces of your or business be destroyed, but the indoor air quality might be affected, as well. To take care of indoor air quality in Zephyrhills, FL, you can get professional services, but usually restoration services can take care of the smell of fire and smoke in fire damaged homes and businesses. If you think that you need fire damage restoration in Coral Gables, FL, then you can depend on Azure Restoration of South Florida. Our fire damage cleanup will be able to address all of your problems and get your property back in great shape in no time. Give us a call at 305-298-8647 in order to get immediate help from our technicians.

How Do I Clean Up Sewage Spill?

A Dehumidifier Dries a Room.

How much does it cost to clean up sewage?

In some cases, sewage removal may be covered by insurance. Check with your insurance company to find out what is covered. If you are paying out of pocket for sewage removal, when you call in a restoration service, the average cost to clean up sewage is about $7 per square foot. This cost is a national average and covers the clean up only and not expenses for plumbing repair to fix the blockage that caused the sewage back up.

The clean up will involve sewage removal, removal of affected areas, an application of antimicrobial sprays to stop black mold growth and drying.

If you’ve had a sewer back up and need sewage removal in Coral Gables, FL, give Azure Restoration of South Florida a call at 305-298-8647. We will get to you quickly and provide affordable services.  

If you operate on a septic tank system, it’s wise to find a reputable service to for regular maintenance to help prevent backups and other problems.

How do you clean up raw sewage?

While it’s preferable to leave sewage removal to a professional restoration service like Azure Restoration of South Florida, you may be able to clean up small isolated spills yourself, you follow the procedures below:

How to clean up raw sewage

  • Put on protective gear like rubber gloves and boots, coveralls, protective eyewear and a face mask. To avoid serious infection, never touch the sewage with bare hands.
  • Remove excess water with a pump or wet-dry vacuum. Check with authorities to find out where to drain the pump.
  • Shovel solids into strong plastic bags and dispose immediately
  • Clean remaining water with paper towels and rags.
  • Remove contaminated items like rugs, curtains or furniture.These items should be stored in a sheltered area with concrete or tile floors to evaluate if they can be salvaged.
  • Remove and dispose of saturated carpeting, baseboards and other flooring.
  • Hose off the area with clean water and wash with a household detergent.
  • Make sure to wash all contaminated surfaces with a solution of chlorine bleach or disinfectant, cold water and non-ammonia detergent. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse.
  • Scrub floors with a brush dipped in a solution of about ¾ cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water.
  • Dry the area quickly by opening windows if the day is sunny and clear and by using fans. Run dehumidifiers if it is cold or wet outside.
  • Dispose of consumable and porous items.
  • Clean items that have had minor contact with the affected area.  

How do you dispose of sewage?

If you do sewage removal yourself, any solid wastes will need to be disposed of immediately. Solid wastes should be collected in a strong plastic bag that is leak resistant. Check with local authorities about where the material should be disposed of to avoid contamination. 

Using a restoration service like Azure Restoration of South Florida for sewage removal is preferred because the company has the equipment to clean and dispose of the sewage properly.

Can sewage make you sick?

Yes, sewage can make you very sick. It may contain any number of parasites and bacteria like e-coli that spread diseases. If you’ve been exposed to sewage from a backup or from another source, you’ll want to seek medical attention as soon as possible. You’ll want to keep children and pets away from exposed areas in or around your home and wear rubber gloves, rubber boots, masks and eyewear to keep the material away from you if you are removing it.

How do I get rid of the sewer leak smell?

Sewage odor removal can be performed by opening all windows in the home until the odor clears. Follow up by spraying furniture and other items with undiluted white vinegar. Spray the affected area from about 6 inches away. The vinegar smell will fade in a few hours. 

To remove sewage smell from carpet you can sprinkle baking soda onto it and let the baking soda sit overnight before vacuuming. You can also place bowls of charcoal around the home. The charcoal will absorb the odor. Scented odor eliminators can be used to eliminate the odor of sewage gas. 

Sewage removal from water

If you have a sewage back up in the home, excess water will need to be pumped away from the solid material when you are performing a sewage removal clean-up. For safety sake, until the plumbers arrive to clear the blockage, use bottled or boiled water for drinking and cleaning.

Worker Cleans a Septic System.

Sewage block removal

If you have a blockage in the sewer line that’s caused sewage to back up into your home, besides needing to get the sewage cleaned from the affected area, the blockage itself will need to be removed by a plumber. 

To avoid severe sewer and plumbing issues, pay attention to sounds like gurgling sounds coming from toilets and drains. This is usually a sign of a clog. One of the leading causes of back ups is tree roots breaking through or crushing older plumbing pipes. 

If you’ve had a sewage back up and need sewage removal services in Coral Gables, FL, make sure to call the experienced professional for immediate service. We can be reached at 305-298-8647.

Is Standing Water Dangerous?

Our team can efficiently remove any water in your home or office and restore the property.

What Happens When There is Standing Water?

If you have just experienced a major disaster involving rain, water, or flooding, it’s important to contact a restoration company as soon as possible. Naturally, quite a bit of water may drain on its own and you may even be able to remove some yourself, but there is still a lot to be done. For instance, not all water may be accessible. It can infiltrate areas like crawlspaces and basements making it difficult to see and access. In those cases, water can sit around untouched causing significant amounts of damage. That’s why it’s highly encouraged to contact a restoration company like Azure Restoration of South Florida as soon as possible after a disaster. We can be at your property to quickly and efficiently remove all traces of water. For standing water removal in Coral Gables, FL, contact Azure Restoration of South Florida as soon as possible. We’re available 24/7 at 305-298-8647.

Address issues with standing water as quickly as possible to avoid further damages to your residential or commercial property.

Standing Water Dangers

Standing or stagnant water is actually a serious threat that needs to be addressed. It may not seem like it because really, what harm can a little puddle do? There is a lot of damage that can actually occur when water of any depth is untouched or unattended in a home or office. Standing water can create a myriad of problems for property owners, such as:

  • Attract insects/rodents: Bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects can infiltrate your property when shallow amounts of water exist. Mosquitoes carry West Nile virus and other diseases that can put you and your tenants at risk. Standing water can also attract small rodents like mice and rats.
  • Contain harmful contaminants: Standing water can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and parasites – all of which are harmful to your health. When left alone, the water can grow toxic and led to many health problems. Removing the water as quickly as possible can help prevent that.
  • Electrical threat: There is also the threat of electrocution when dealing with standing water. If there are any appliances in a basement or crawl space that use electricity, you can put yourself at risk by ignoring standing water in those areas.

In general, standing water is a serious threat. It may not seem like it, but there are many risks associated with ignoring or neglecting standing water. More importantly, it can continue to cause damage to your home or office. Long-term exposure to water will cause just about anything to deteriorate. The longer something is exposed, the less able it will be to protect or support your property.

How to Deal With Stagnant Water

In many cases, standing water is easy to identify. The hurricane water that is flooding your front room is very easy to spot. However, there are some with basements or crawl spaces that may not know they have a drainage issue. In those cases, standing water can exist in those spaces for extended periods of time. But there are several things to look for to identify standing water, such as:

  • Water in the yard: When there is standing water in the yard, it means that water is not able to effectively drain from the home. There could be a block somewhere which is causing the water to collect. If there is water in the yard, there could be a chance of water in the home as well.
  • Overwhelming mildew smell: If you find that even after you have deep cleaned your home, you still can distinctly smell mildew, there may be water somewhere. In good situations, there is just water damage, but in bad situations there is stagnant or standing water.
  • Foundation cracks: Smaller, hairline cracks are normal for foundation settling. It’s the bigger holes and cracks that continue to grow that are cause for concern. Those issues could be the result of water damage. The longer your foundation is exposed to water, the less likely it will be to support the structure of your home or office.
  • Water staining: The most sure fire way to tell if you have water damage, or even standing water issues, is to look for water staining. Brown or black spots around your property can give you an indication of where water may be lurking. Contact someone as soon as possible to inspect and possibly begin water removal.

No matter if you are dealing with water from a major disaster or any other cause, Azure Restoration of South Florida is the company to contact. Our team is highly specialized in water removal and restoration needs.

Call us as soon as you notice water damage or standing water in your home.

Contact Us for Standing Water Removal

When you need immediate service for water damage, including standing water, rely on Azure Restoration of South Florida. We are reliable, professional, and efficient when it comes to water damage and restoration needs. It is our specialty. Our team is fully licensed and experienced, so we can quickly find any standing water, remove it, and restore your home or office. We also take the extra step to dehumidify the space, just to make sure all water has been removed. When you need standing water removal for your Coral Gables, FL, contact us at 305-298-8647.